Here is the perfect guide on ‘how to buy an engagement ring’ from custom jewelry designer and a third generation jeweler Jacqueline Nerguizian. There might be concerns on your mind on how to choose the right ring? What is the right fit? Will she like it? What if she hates what I choose? As an expert i can help you through this. 

Set your budget: 

Decide your budget on the ring. The cost varies on the type of diamond you choose. It is also determined by the seller’s cost and the profit margin they add. The best place to buy a diamond is from someone whose cost is low and who is willing to sell at a low profit margin. The chain stores have high profit margins. Most Internet sellers don’t own their diamonds (they are consignees), and their cost is high because they are not a prime source. Here at JNJewels we are whole sale diamond dealer and manufacturer selling jewelry directly to you cutting down the middle man.

Know your lady:

It is very important to know what she likes, pay attention to the little details on what she wears; her taste and interests; you know her better. What next? Ask an expert designer who will be able to help you on choosing the right engagement ring for her.

Know the right fit: 

 The average ring size is about a 7 for women. There are also plenty of tricks out there in the internet that would help you find out her ring size.

Know your diamond: 

Educate yourself about diamonds before you begin the shopping process. When picking a diamond it is important to know the Four C’s: cut, carat, color, and clarity. Jacqueline would be more than happy to a guide you on this. If you got any questions write to me at [email protected],.com

Plan the moment:

It also important that you plan the moment ahead. Give it a lot of time, talk to your friends. Decide on the place where you are going to propose, it could be your home, a vacation spot or your special place. 

Know your seller: 

It’s also important to get the right diamond from the right vendor. Make sure that the seller's diamond are certified by a gemologist.

Make it special and unique :

Why buy a ring from store which looks like thousands of other pieces when you can custom design a piece for almost the same cost. Yes, here at JN jewels we are here to help you figure out the ideal piece for your special loved one.

One last thing to do:

With the right ring, perfect place, and the right moment pop the question. Good luck