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Untraditional. Arizona based jewelry designer, Jacqueline Nerguizian, left her heart in Hollywood and has since been inspired by the latest trends, and the “bad-girl” attitude only fit for Los Angeles. Jacqueline consistently pushes the limits with high quality pieces that aren’t your mother’s typical “Hand-Me-Downs”. The edgy, celebrity-worthy lines are made for people unafraid to make a statement, and who are ready to push the boundaries when it comes to accessories. Explore a world beyond traditional jewelry, and never look back.

   Like the beautiful marriage of gemstones and precious metals, creativity and craftsmanship are perfectly blended in the talents of Jacqueline Nerguizian. With over 20 years of experience, the Scottsdale, Arizona jewelry designer is a Hollywood transplant that remains a favorite among celebrities, including Sofia Vergara, Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Lopez, and Louise Roe. While frequently approached to design custom pieces, Nerguizian is primarily driven by a restless imagination, inspiring her to design unique items – including an audacious pair of diamond shoes, set with more than 400 diamonds, close to 35 carats, and a custom bra, bedazzled with diamond flames.

  Even though she hails from a long line of jewelers, Nerguizian is not afraid to defy tradition in today’s changing jewelry market. A third-generation jeweler born and raised in Hollywood, Nerguizian worked for 20 years with her father at L.A.’s famed Jewelry Mart, creating fine pieces for high net worth and celebrity clientele. “My family started their business 40 years ago in California, and we were one of the initial tenants when the Jewelry Mart first opened downtown,” she says. “As a child I would watch how the process worked: from designing, to wax molds, to casting, to the setting of the gemstones,” Nerguizian continues. She began designing jewelry herself at the age of nine, while other kids her age were applying their creativity to coloring books and dolls. A certified gemologist who graduated from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Nerguizian doesn’t sacrifice quality or detail for affordability. Her jewelry and her craftsmanship have a reputation for being among the best in the industry. She travels extensively to find the best quality stones, and then she makes everything from her studios in North Scottsdale.

  This last November she debuted her new black diamond line, Conviction, an edgy twist on classic designs. The Conviction line includes one-of-a-kind pieces with a black & white theme; leaning strongly on an Art Deco style and reveal Nerguizian’s inspiration from history and heirloom pieces that she has collected over the years. “More and more people are bringing me family heirlooms to personalize and update so they can wear them on a daily basis,” Nerguizian explains. Appreciating the stone cuts from different time periods, Conviction embraces the needs of modern fashionistas and the shifting tides of fashion.

  “Yellow gold is making a comeback,” she explains when asked about trends. People are mixing natural-color diamonds with white diamonds, and she’s seeing more rings being worn on the pointer finger. Another trending style are animal inspired pieces such as panthers and snakes, which have found their way into her work, as seen in the Jake the Snake bracelet and Astarte snake rings.

  She loves traveling as part of her job and also loves outdoor activities including hiking. As a tomboy growing up in Southern California, her father’s extensive gun collection created her love for hunting and skeet shooting, a hobby she continues as a member of the Scottsdale Gun Club. She is also a committed philanthropist who provides her time and skills to a wide range of worthy causes, most recently donating a pink sapphire-and-diamond key to a raffle held by the cancer organization Key to the Cure. Jacqueline Nerguizian is married five years to her childhood friend, Brent, and is the mother of five children: Joey, Bella, Gabby, Dominique and Carrera.