To some extent, we’re all living under the stress and chaos of busy lives. As the CEO of my company, a wife and mother of five, I can relate to the lack of time available for our personal needs. This is why I have created the WISH SERVICE for jewelry, which gives you exactly what you need, delivered to your home or office, all at wholesale prices, with a minimal amount of your time.

As a designer, I need to be free to be who I am in that moment, and jewelry does that for me. Jewelry isn’t just an object; it’s a statement. Each piece I create is a balance between glamour and power, and the emotion behind it. My passion and restless imagination are constantly sparking new ideas, whether I’m pushing the limits with a teetering pair of heels set with more than 35 carats of diamonds or designing an elegant diamond ring.

I am a third generation jeweler, certified gemologist, and have been designing and manufacturing jewelry for over twenty years. I want to design something that moves you, or maybe there’s a piece in my catalog that’s a must-have. Either way, I’m here to help you figure out the best piece for you, and I can’t wait to get started.

The JN Jewels “Wish Service”TM Designed to Serve Your Individual Needs

This is a one of a kind Private Client Service. You have access to high quality, unique custom jewelry at wholesale prices delivered to your home or office. No unexpected orders or charges will be incurred. We only send you jewelry on a requested basis.

What that means for you ...

The Wish ServiceTM offers a higher level of privacy and convenience. We cut out the middlemen and pass the savings on to you. View options securely and privately on your own schedule, without having to leave your home or office. No Hassle Return Policy: We send you the Return box up front, insured and prepaid. To return the jewelry, simply put it in the box and call for pickup at no cost to you. All transactions are strictly confidential.

Commissioning a Custom Piece doesn’t mean expensive

Jacqueline will start by providing you with a preliminary sketch. Once the design is finalized and the budget agreed upon it takes approximately two weeks to complete. Getting exactly what you want is a unique pleasure.

So Let’s Get Started

Find inspiration to create your very own custom piece or choose a custom piece that is immediately available.